Guaranteed Rent – FAQ’s

How do I lease my property?

All you need to do is contact the office for a free rental appraisal. One of our team will arrange a time which is convenient for you to visit the property. You will be left an information pack detailing the rental income you can expect and any requirements we may have.

What are the fees?

Paul Alexander charges 0% commission on our Guaranteed Rent Service. There are no hidden charges. This service is absolutely free!

How do I receive my rent?

Rent will be paid direct in to your nominated bank account on the same day of every month without fail.

Do you pay in advance?

Rent is paid one month in advance throughout the duration of your lease. 

Who is responsible for paying the bills?

The Occupant’s are responsible for all utility bills and council tax charges unless agreed otherwise by the Landlord. On the day your lease is signed, Paul Alexander will contact the relevant parties to notify them of the new occupant. Any Void periods will be covered by Paul Alexander. The landlord is only responsible for ground rent and services charges (if applicable).

Will my property be looked after?

We inspect all of our properties once a month. This is an important part of our service. As we inspect our properties on a monthly basis, it allows us to solve any issues as they arise rather than when they become a bigger problem. The property will always be returned to you in the same condition in which it was received if not better!

Do I need to furnish the property?

We recommend to all our Landlords to leave the property as is, but remain flexible. If the property is fully furnished, all furniture will remain in the property throughout the tenancy. If the property is unfurnished, please leave as is as new tenants may have some of their own furniture. Any items they do not have will then be requested. Where beds are required, they must have new mattresses at the start of the tenancy or a replacement mattress every two years.

Who pays for maintenance works?

Paul Alexander will be responsible for any damages caused by the tenant throughout the duration of the tenancy. This includes re-decorating where necessary and replacing any items damaged maliciously. Fair ware and tare is to be expected. The Landlord is responsible for keeping in repair the structure of the property and any issues which may arise that have not been caused by the tenant, such as a leaking roof or rising damp. 

What safety certificates do I need?

All rental properties require a Gas Safe Certificate, Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and an Electrical Certificate. If you do not have these, they can be arranged for you.

Void periods?

Throughout the duration of your lease, you will never experience any Void periods. Even if we have a change of tenant, you will receive your rent on time, every time. 

What are the safety requirements?

To comply with our Safety requirements, every property must have the following: 

  • Fire Check Doors (kitchen)
  • Wired smoke/heat alarms
  • Window restrictors (1st floor and up)
  • Fire blanket
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm
How long can you Guaranteed My Rent?

Leases are offered for periods of between 1 – 3 years. We are happy for you to first sign up on a 12 month lease as we are confident you will want to continue benefiting from this fantastic service. 

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